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Deep Blue Carbon is Live!

Today I published the web site for the first time.

Hurrah! It has take me a few weeks to really get the content to the point I was willing to publish it, but today that day arrived.

The goal of the site is simply to promote the idea of deep blue carbon, that is using the oceans (Blue) to grow large seaweed farms, and have some of that biomass sink to the bottom (Deep) where it will sequester the carbon (Carbon).

I have not seen this idea really talked about elsewhere in my research on climate change and carbon sequestration, so I this web site attempt to do that.

There is plenty of detail that has not yet made it to this web site. I encourage you to sign up for updates (at the bottom of every page on the site) if you want updates.

You can also contact me at if you have questions or want to help.

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