How To Help

Hopefully this site has persuaded you that deep blue carbon is at least a promising approach.   Here is how you can help (ordered easy to hard)

  • Spread the Word - Surprisingly, leveraging the oceans in a substantial way in the fight against climate change is not getting the traction it deserves.   So just talk to your friends, send messages on social media (feel free to link to this web site, that is what it is for), so that this message 'sinks in'.  

  • Follow Along - at the bottom of every page on this site is a form to add your e-mail to our list.   We will send you updates when new interesting things happen (see our blog for news you have already missed).  

  • Join in the Research - If you are a researcher (or have spare time), there are a number of open questions we need answered across many different fields (e.g.  what caused the Sargassum blooms, how to do seaweed biotech, where can we get sewage along the coasts to fertilize the seaweed).     Getting answers like these would be a real help, ans can be done independently.   Contact us (email  below) so we can coordinate.  

  • Collaborate - Contact me (e-mail on bottom of page), and strike up a conversation on your interests, skills and resources.   All journeys start with the first step, and the first step is usually the 'thinking about', 'talking about' step.    Take this step and contact us.     

  • Maybe we should Join You?- Fundamentally, the goal of this site is to popularize and make forward progress toward harnessing the oceans AT SCALE to fight climate change.    We are open to anything that advances that goal.   Thus if the best way to collaborate is to join your effort, we are open to that possibility.    Contact us.