Image by Marek Okon

Deep Blue Carbon

A Key To Solving Climate Change

Zero Carbon is not Enough! We Need Negative Carbon!

To solve climate change, NOT ONLY do we have to STOP emitting CO2, we ALSO need to pull the truly HUGE amounts of CO2 already in the atmosphere OUT, and KEEP IT OUT for at least hundreds of years.     

We need HUGE Amounts of Negative Carbon!

We have been dumping CO2 into the atmosphere at a global industrial scale  for DECADES. Thus we need something on that scale operating for DECADES to reverse the process (and this assumes we stop CO2 emissions now, which is unrealistically optimistic). VERY few things scale to the size we need.     

(Blue) Oceans CAN Make Enough NEW Negative Carbon

The vast majority of our oceans presently do NOT photosynthesize a lot of carbon. But they could. Thus there is a HUGE UNTAPPED negative carbon potential available in the oceans. No other alternative comes close to the negative carbon potential in the oceans. We should be thinking 'blue carbon'.   

Oceans Give Us a (Deep) Place to Store the Carbon

Most of the worlds oceans are well over 3 KM deep so any macroscopic biomass (seaweed) we simply let sink will quickly reach that depth where it decomposes only very slowly. The pressure there is so high that the resulting CO2, will simply stay in the bottom sediment as a liquid (or hydrate) for at least 100s of years. This is about as easy as carbon sequestration storage gets.


This web site is here to convince you that if you want to solve climate change, the carbon you should be thinking about most is blue (ocean based) and deep (uses the ocean as the carbon storage location).